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As regards direct or indirect references to external internet sites (“links”) lying outside pac-tra’s sphere of responsibility, a duty of liability would come into force only if pac-tra has knowledge of their contents, if it were technically possible for pac-tra to prevent use thereof in the event that such contents be against the law, and if pac-tra might reasonably be expected to do so.  Pac-tra therefore declares explicitly that said linked sites were free of illegal contents at the time the link was set up.  Pac-tra has no influence on the current or future design or on the contents of linked or associated sites.  Pac-tra therefore hereby explicitly distances itself from all the contents on all such linked or associated sites as have been changed since the link was set up.  This notice shall apply to all links and references set up within pac-tra’s own internet site and to outside contributions in and from guest books and discussion forums set up by pac-tra.  The operator of the site to which reference has been made shall be solely responsible for any illegal, defective or incomplete contents, and particularly for any damages arising from the use or non-use of information so provided, not the operator which merely makes reference via links to the publication concerned.